Oergevoel Missie Fred

Our mission is back to your Essence!

Awakening and Self-Realization

Essence can help and support you to become more Aware of your Essence. Getting Insights into what is really important to you! Not what society wants you to consider to be important.

By Coaching you during your Self-Realization process and becoming more Self-Aware of your Body and Mind we want to stimulate and inspire you to release the biggest possible potential of your Essence and realise your are  - and can only BE - Now!

Come to Release yourself from (external)control and move to gratitude, acceptance, insight and expression. It is your life, - your health and your responsibility.



To be trúly in balance with Body and Mind!

We want to contribute to the Well-Being of your Body, Spirit and Mind.

Essence can really give you foot-holds and explanation about spiritual awakening and information on pure food.

These go hand in hand, like Yin en Yang. One-ness by balancing both aspects of your Being.

This is what we consider to be the essence of being and staying healthy and happy and more abundant life.



Drop in, "anytime"

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