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The Strawberry Gospel is about Awakening, the process of becoming aware. About reality perception, labels and conditioning. It will inspire you to Self-Empowering and Self-Actualization; take you on a journey, challenge you to go beyond the veil of "normal". It offers a different perspective on What you Are, and How and Why you play a part in the so needed change in the current social systems en religions during this period of great changes.

The Strawberry Gospel is meant as a breath of fresh air in a world of dust collected scriptures, conditioned labels, beliefs and opinions; a growing sense of disappointment and a deflating trust and belief in the current social systems and religions.

And maybe at the same time it can reinstate the value of the old scriptures and give new meaning to the written word.

Fred will take you on a journey, including his own journey, of how awakening might present itself. He also shares some of his experiences and insights during that process of awakening and during the writing of this book,

‘The Strawberry Gospel’

So once again we can come through Belief to Trust to Knowing.

Feel like biting into a juicy strawberry story?

Prepared to never look at a Strawberry the same way again?

Then by all means, purchase this book.


Conent of the strawberry gospel
Prologue of the strawberry gospel

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